Fill your empty appointments, classes, tables or events with prepaying customers

Any schedule based business can take advantage of the Syncadate Platform and the Syncadeal Marketplace

Syncadate is perfect for:


Body Training


Beauty and Health




Food and Beverage


Creative Spaces
Web - Photo - Music Production - Video

What we do.

We sell your down time. If you are finding that you have consistent quiet times or have trouble filling all your appointments, classes or events, consider selling these sessions at a discounted rate, facilitated by Syncadate.

Sell off your down time.

Your advertisement is marketed to 1000's of potential new customers on our discount services Marketplace, where customers are looking for quality discounted services. Syncadate will also generate code for your website or social media that allows potential new or existing customers to take advantage of discounted sessions during these quieter times.

Suits many service providers.

Hair and Beauty Salon's, Spa's, PT, Yoga classes, Pilates, Chiro's, Physio's, remedial massage, Osteo, Dental, ticketting, Musical instrument tuition and many more appointment or reservation based businesses can take advantage of this unique call to action advertisement. Customers book directly and pre pay for the session you advertise.

Syncadate uses compelling deadline based, call to action marketing on The Syncadeal Marketplace. Even your own website.

    This is how it works

  1. Choose a start time to advertise - Find a time on your appointment calendar that is empty, or a class that needs filling. 
  2. Choose how long the session is - The length of time you want to discount. You can choose increments of 15 minutes.
  3. Choose the discount amount - Set the price or percentage off this time slot that your customers will PrePay online.
  4. Choose when the ad goes live and expires - set a cut off time that your customers need to purchase the timeslot by. We provide code for your website for a countdown and advertise your timeslot on the Syncadeal Marketplace. Customers PrePay with PayPal to secure the slot.
  5. We pay you weekly - Set your nominated Bank or PayPal account and we'll forward all pre paid sessions for that week.

Expose your business to more online customers.

Leverage the marketing power of The Syncadeal Market place.

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Syncadeal discounts on services


$ 0
  • 18 ads
  • Code for your website
  • Control Panel
  • Automatic Submission to the Syncadeal Marketplace
  • Fully functioning trial.

    Fill some sessions
    on us!


$ 8.80 per ad
  • Pay as you need 
  • Code for your website
  • Control Panel
  • Automatic Submission to the Syncadeal Marketplace
  • 1 Location


$ 49 per month
  • Billed annually
  • 18 ads per month
  • Code for your website
  • Control Panel
  • Automatic Submission to the Syncadeal Marketplace
  • 2 Locations


$ 99 per month
  • Billed annually
  • Unlimited Ads
  • Code for your website
  • Automatic Submission to the Syncadeal Market Place
  • Unlimited Locations
  • All future updates FREE